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July 23 2014

"I don’t want to contribute to hobophobia!"

Matt P.

June 24 2014


mmm, im hungry.

Everyone please welcome my dear friend to tumblr! She’s gonna start talking about some delicious treats. Go follow her… don’t ravage her— unless she asks.

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June 14 2014

The what?

She saw him through the pee hole.

June 13 2014

"You know, a marshmallow, the largest ones you can get in the market. The kind that stand on end, like a butt plug."

Jay C.

June 12 2014

(Source: andrewbelami, via chadleymacguff)

June 9 2014


Judge Judy

  • Chris: I judge people. Just call me judge Judy.
  • Alex and Jay: BOLOGNA!

June 2 2014

How'd you do that?

  • Matt: How'd you do that?
  • Alex: BITCH! I'm magic! Haven't you figured that out yet?

May 31 2014

"I like bears!" 
- Chris P.

"I like bears!"
- Chris P.

May 24 2014

"I want passion. I want sex. I want GIRLS."

Chris P.

"He’s probably getting his suckd dicked."

Chris P.

May 15 2014

"This is my favorite video of all time, for now."

Chris P.

April 6 2014


  • JP: Sometimes I get dizzy when I get up too fast.
  • Kevin: Why do you think that is?
  • JP: I don't know. Because I'm tall, you know like giraffes.

December 20 2013

"I get plenty of sex… on Tumblr…"

Jay C.

December 12 2013

Violent Rim Jobs

  • Friend: Holy God. He gives VIOLENT rim jobs.
  • Justin: What? Like... Angry ones?
  • Friend: You'd think my butt killed his mom or something.

December 6 2013

"So I went to talk to the only 3 girls here. Like a safety net u know? But they weren’t interested in talking. #rejectedbyhags"

Matt P